Important Dates

Please attend these all important NEIGHBORHOOD MEETINGs to make your voice heard - we need your attendance

thursday, may 24, 2018 - 6-10pm

Red Rocks Baptist Church

Board of Trustee Special Meeting - Red Rocks Ranch Hearing.
wherein the morrison trustees railroad us all with this misguided development. you know, the development that was signed, sealed and delivered from day one.

See the columbine courier article here

The current zoning calls for mixed-use development which includes more land for commercial rather than single-family or multi-family residential. We believe this is actually a GOOD THING. Instead of land use that is 24/7 (residential) the current zoning allows for 9-5 usage thereby REDUCING the impact on surrounding neighborhoods, highways, infrastructure, police and fire. Not to mention length of construction time.

If this land is re-zoned to what The Town of Morrison and the developers want, and then disconnected into Jefferson County, then there is no way to reverse the damage. This must be stopped!

Who are we?

We are a Citizen group that believes the plan to overdevelop the Rooney Valley is NOT in the best interests of current and future generations of Colorado residents. in fact the current plan to develop is in direct opposition to the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan.

The net outcome

Vast infrastructure expenses and population increase burdens for ALL JeffCo citizens, especially Morrison and Lakewood residents. Lack of public input or oversight in planning for this development, including traffic, schools, water, sewer, infrastructure. Citizens have no transparency and no voice in this process. 

Enjoy using Bear Creek Lake? How about Green Mountain open space? Or the Hogback or Red Rocks? How about the current daily commute on C470 or I-70? Ever try to get through Morrison on a busy weekend? Consider this:

According to the developer’s own forecasting, the new Red Rocks Ranch development ALONE will contribute +26,000 more daily car trips with no plans for lightrail or bus service.

The developer claims there’s a plan to move 6th grade from Devinny to Dunstan but that will only mitigate the issue for so long.

The addition of thousands of new homes will again burden the district in no time. And there is no money for building a new school in this area. What about areas in other parts of JeffCo that are in need of school improvements? Why would JeffCo School District leapfrog those areas to build here first?

Beginning in fall 2018 and ending in 2027. Or thereabouts, you never know.

A full overview about the annexation of Rooney Valley

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