From all angles, this is an unsustainable plan that’s about to be sprung on the Citizens of Jefferson County and the entire Front Range.

  • 26,000+ NEW daily trips in and out of the area with major impacts on all surrounding roadways.
  • The addition of new and increased City services such as police and fire, road maintenance, stormwater and sewer. With a tax burden to existing residents.
  • The implementation of a Special District (see video below) and all the woes they incur.
  • More water usage in an area that’s already becoming overburdened.
  • Impacts to existing environment and wildlife corridors. If you enjoy that lovely evening walk along McIntyre or Indiana with the sunset over the Front Range and the meadowlarks calling while the wildflowers sway in the soft breeze...well you can forget that.
  • Construction impacts - remember, this is nearly TEN YEARS of development. On this one property in the Rooney Valley alone.

Ask yourself, what will you think in 10 years when you had a chance to stop this?